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feeling overwhelmed

Feeling Overwhelmed? What is YOUR True Limit?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | May 15, 2017

True confession here. Although the majority of my clients at one time or another turn to me for some time/energy management help, I’m always walking that journey alongside my clients. No matter how much I know (and practice) of optimal time management practices, I still find myself at times, well simply, overwhelmed.

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want to have it all

Want to have it all? Read this first…

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | May 5, 2017

Have you ever felt like you were on a treadmill: you’re working incredibly hard but just not gaining ground? (Yes, I’ve felt this way too!)

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A Leader’s Guide: What’s Worth Tracking?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | March 28, 2016

Picture this — I’m in my tennis lesson when I look down at my Apple Watch to check my heart rate. And instead of seeing a heart rate, I see the ambiguous searching circle. Where is my heart rate?!

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one big team challenge

One Big Team Challenge

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | October 22, 2015

A recent observation about teamwork comes courtesy of my mother-in-law. My son was playing in a local tennis tournament recently. He plays singles and doubles, but for tournament’s doubles, they pair you randomly with another player your age.

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A 3-Step Process To Go From Meeting Fatigue to Meeting Magic

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | July 30, 2015

I work with a lot of highly analytical and smart people. (If you’re one of my past or present clients reading this – yes I mean you!) And one of their big frustrations is meetings!

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Renaissance (Wo)Man Or Expert? Time Management For The New Millennium

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | July 9, 2015

This past year I had the honor and privilege of leading a Lean-In Circle. The participants were an amazing group of women and leaders and I was honored to spend the year with them. While we didn’t entirely follow along the Lean In curriculum as specified by Sheryl Sandberg and co, we did take advantage…

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Too Busy to Meditate?

Too Busy to Meditate?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | October 16, 2014

Yup, sometimes I feel that way too. That’s why I was really excited to discover that the innovator between the “one-minute meditation” now has a free app. You can download it here.

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What is your "Decision-Making" IQ?

What is your “Decision-Making” IQ?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | September 5, 2014

When I was in graduate school, we had to figure out complicated economics problems where you were maximizing several variables at once. A complex way of saying – “there’s a lot of factors that go into any good decision.”

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5 signs your people skills need work

Leaders: 5 Signs Your People Skills Need Work

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | August 14, 2014

There is a theory called the “peter principle” that states that people get promoted to the job where they are the worst. And then they stay put. Which of course means many people have bosses who they believe are awful at their job…

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The "Too-Well Lived" Life? What To Do When You're Overfull

The “Too-Well Lived” Life? – What To Do When You’re Overfull

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | March 27, 2014

Some topics arise for me when I hear multiple clients talking about the same thing, or I see them “out there” in the world and in our culture.

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