Coke or Pepsi? Setting Expectations With Your Team

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When you start a new project it is essential to set clear team expectations. You need to create a container of expectations so you know what you can expect from each other.

Whether in coaching or any team collaboration, creating an expectation framework ensures clarity and productivity.

These expectations could address how you want to communicate with each other —whether via email, Slack, or texts—and guidelines for expressing challenges or seeking assistance. And also, how can people let you know when you are not being helpful or being the bottleneck to the work.

Setting up this framework permits people to have some of these tough conversations that honestly most people don’t want to have and aren’t that skillful at having.

It creates a culture where tough conversations are embraced rather than avoided.

One of my favorite expectations came from a team I worked with pre-pandemic days. It still makes me laugh to this day. They had a No Pepsi Only Coke rule. Before joining the current team, they had all worked in different places and some had Coke and some had to put with up with Pepsi when in fact, they all loved Coke. So their team expectation was they wanted only Coke at their work meetings.

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Jo Ilfeld, PhD

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