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Jo Ilfeld | Ambition |Executive Leadership Coach| Ambition vs. Gratitude

Ambition vs. Gratitude

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | October 14, 2021

Ambition vs. gratitude and the tension between the two.  Do you feel that there is so much in your life that is going well and yet you still want something more? And then you feel guilty because you feel you are not grateful enough for what you do have? Many of my clients feel this…

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Jo Ilfeld |Executive Leadership Coach|How can you improve your emotional intelligence (EQ)?

How Can You Improve Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | April 8, 2021

Start by asking yourself what YOU need. Instead of rolling over and checking in with your phone when you wake up in the morning, take a breath and check in with yourself. Ask yourself, “What do I need today?“ Maybe you need to go out for a run or get a workout in because you…

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Jo Ilfeld |Executive Leadership Coach|How not to start off your New Year

How Not to Start off Your New Year

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | January 24, 2021

It’s Saturday morning January 2nd. I often hike with one of my best friends on Saturdays. During Covid, we began embarking on weekly longer up and downhill 6-mile hikes.  Jo: It’s raining here in Berkeley. Is it raining by you? Sara: I’ll check. Just looks foggy here, no rain. Jo: So should we go today?…

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Jo Ilfeld |Executive Leadership Coach| What Makes You a Bada$$?

What Makes You a Bada$$?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | October 31, 2020

What makes you a bada$$? As part of an online program I am doing, the challenge was for me to record a video on what makes me a badass. As I was making a list of the things I am most proud of, at first I thought my bada$$ characteristic was persistency, for being able…

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Jo Ilfeld | Executive Leadership Coach| Time to Shake Things Up

Time to Shake Things Up

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | September 15, 2020

How do you like to shake things up in your life? For a lot of us, whether it’s staying home during the pandemic, having no travel plans, we don’t have that excitement that we’re used to. I want you to challenge yourself this week to shake things up. Looking for ideas? Watch the video for…

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Jo Ilfeld | Intent |Executive Leadership Coach| Do You Know the Difference between Impact and Intent?

Do You Know the Difference between Impact and Intent?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | August 10, 2020

We think we know the difference but often when apologizing for our actions or mistakes, we tend to emphasize intent over impact. When we do this, it ends up sounding like you are making excuses for yourself instead of taking responsibility for the impact you had on others. Watch this week’s learning snack to find…

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Jo Ilfeld | Executive Leadership Coach| Time to Rest and a Time to Act

Time to Rest and Time to Act

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | July 20, 2020

As we move into what we know as the summer break, I wanted to reach out to you with a few thoughts and resources as well as a wish for some true relaxing moments and unplugging from our incredibly “always on” virtual worlds. Take Anti-Racist Action I was on an amazing free webinar on “Whiteness…

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I Need Change, Do You?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | June 8, 2020

When I look around right now, when I talk to clients, when I read the newspaper, I see this gnarly blend of creation and frustration. If necessity is the mother of invention then I truly hope we are poised to see new ideas and innovation we never dreamed possible. We truly need it! We need…

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Gratitude, Giving Myself an ‘A’ and my FREE Crisis Summit

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | April 9, 2020

As we move further into April, I find myself increasingly grateful for the high quality of interactions we can STILL have while being virtual. I was able to conduct and record a live panel with two of my colleagues on how to shift your work in a Coronavirus world. We had an awesome live turnout…

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Have you heard of micro-resolutions? Here are mine for 2020.

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | January 30, 2020

Like you perhaps, I’m floored that we’re not just in a new year but a new decade. In honor of simplicity for myself and for you, I thought I would share how I’m doing my New Year’s resolutions this year. Over my winter holiday vacation with my family, I read this interesting article on Micro-Resolutions.…

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