Are You an Active Participant in Meetings?

For this article by Jo Ilfeld, Executive Leadership Coach on being an active participant in meetings the image shows a woman sitting in front of a team on Zoom with an engaged presence,

When you’re in a larger meeting, how much do you ask of yourself to be an active participant?

I recently had the opportunity to present at two virtual conferences back-to-back. The contrast between the two experiences got me thinking about the power of being an active participant and how it can transform your meeting experience.

During the first conference, everything went smoothly from a technical standpoint. I delivered my talk, a few participants posted in the Zoom chat, and it all went fine. But truthfully, I didn’t feel particularly enthusiastic about it; it was just a sense of relief that it went well.

The second talk was on a different platform, which added a bit of stress. However, as soon as we started, I noticed the chat was alive with activity. People were engaged, responding to questions, offering insights, and even expressing their support with emojis and images. The level of interaction was incredible, and it completely elevated the experience for me.

This got me thinking about how many of us attend various virtual events or meetings, and how we can transition from passive listeners to active participants. The difference lies in our willingness to engage, provide feedback, ask questions, and show support, even when we’re not in the spotlight.

Imagine the impact when you turn up the dial and actively participate in meetings. Not only does it make the experience more fulfilling for you, but it also enriches the overall session for everyone involved.

So, here’s a challenge for you over the next month: select a couple of larger meetings or virtual gatherings and commit to being an active participant. Be present, listen attentively, and offer your insights and encouragement. See how this simple shift transforms your experience and that of others.

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Jo Ilfeld, PhD

An executive leadership coach, Jo helps C-suite leaders, executives, and high-potential managers develop the flexibility, skill, and frame of mind to meet the challenges of the next five, ten, twenty years…. and beyond. She works with individuals, teams and organizations on four core areas of leadership development. Check out Jo's bio page for more information.

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