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The One Thing For Growing Leaders

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | January 13, 2022 |
Jo Ilfeld | Executive Leadership Coach | Big Picture | The One Thing For Growing Leaders

What is one of the most common things that people need to work on when they are newly promoted?  Answer: you need to step out and get a bigger picture and widen your perspective. If you have got a promotion, chances are it’s because you are great at taking a project from start to completion.…

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Getting the 30,000-Foot View

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | August 25, 2021 |
Jo Ilfeld |Executive Leadership Coach |Getting the 30,000-Foot View

How do you get that 30 000 foot view of the lay of the land, that big picture? In today’s world, we seem to be pulled in so many different directions that it can be almost impossible to see the wider view of what’s going on in our work. We find ourselves putting out fires…

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