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what's success got to do with it

What’s Success Got To Do With It?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | October 1, 2015

As I sit here writing, it is hot, hot, hot weather outside. So let me tell you a story instead of complaining. (It’s one you might have read before – but humor me.)

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a smile is a frown when upside down

A Smile is a Frown When Upside Down

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | June 18, 2015

What do you see in this picture? I see a typical residential scene. A street of houses, people walking, cars driving by. Now turn 180 degrees with me. What do you see now?

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13 Lessons I’ve Learned From My 13 Year Old

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | May 26, 2015

Prologue: My 13 year old son was recently Bar-Mitzvah’ed.  At our temple, parents can give a short talk to their child before the main service begins. I’m sharing below the talk I gave to my son.

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are your blind spots holding you back from reaching your achievements

I’m Perfect Just The Way I Am… Or Am I?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | March 26, 2015

Recently I was sitting with a client and going over the results of an assessment that I love and regularly use with clients. As we began to go over the “Blind Spots” part of the assessment, he turned to me and said:

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Feeling Stuck At Work? How to Handle a Personal Downturn

Feeling Stuck At Work? How to Handle a Personal Downturn

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | March 5, 2015

There is a Buddhist/Taoist story of an old farmer who had been working his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit. “Such bad luck,” they said sympathetically. “We’ll see.” the farmer replied.

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why gratitude matters

Why Gratitude Matters (& Happy Thanksgiving!)

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | November 27, 2014

The countdown to this year’s Thanksgiving feast is here, and although these days all our holiday dinners resemble feasts of enormous amounts of food, family members and yes, sometimes familial tensions, Thanksgiving was originally conceived as a gratitude feast.

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Too Busy to Meditate?

Too Busy to Meditate?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | October 16, 2014

Yup, sometimes I feel that way too. That’s why I was really excited to discover that the innovator between the “one-minute meditation” now has a free app. You can download it here.

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The "Too-Well Lived" Life? What To Do When You're Overfull

The “Too-Well Lived” Life? – What To Do When You’re Overfull

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | March 27, 2014

Some topics arise for me when I hear multiple clients talking about the same thing, or I see them “out there” in the world and in our culture.

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Who's Mentoring YOU?

Who’s Mentoring YOU?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | February 13, 2014

I was reading some recent research that talked about the great divide in satisfaction with workplace advancement between employees with sponsors and those without sponsors.

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To Resolution or Not To Resolution - If That's Your Question - Here's Your Answer!

To Resolution or Not To Resolution – If That’s Your Question – Here’s Your Answer!

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | January 1, 2014

The fact is 25% of people abandon their new year’s resolutions after just one month and more than 60% abandon them after 6 months (to be honest, I’m surprised it’s not higher.)

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