Leaning Into Risk When Decision-making

Jo Ilfeld | Executive Leadership Coach |Risk|Leaning Into Risk When Decision-making

Do you hate taking risks when making decisions?

A bad outcome doesn’t mean you made a bad decision.

One great piece of advice I learned from Annie Duke’s book, “Thinking in Bets” is how you need to separate the decision-making process from the outcome. This means you can make the best decision given all the information you have and yet, the outcome still might not work out. It doesn’t mean you made a bad decision; it means the odds were not in your favor.

I find this really meaningful because no matter how hard we look at the pros and cons, making sure that we’re weighing them appropriately and thinking things through, we have to understand that there’s some risk involved and we can’t erase the risk.

So the question is how can you move forward knowing that there is a chance of failure?

The second thing is understanding that fear is what makes life a learning experience and what makes life interesting. If we were only doing things that had 100 percent guarantee, life would be very boring. 

So how do you let yourself lean into the risk and take that leap anyway, knowing that there is some chance of failure? Watch my video for more. 

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