Jo Recommends: Summer Book Suggestions

jo recommends summer book suggestions

Quiet Leadership – David Rock – As a coach, I have of course gone through countless hours of coaching training plus client time to develop the skill of having productive conversations that move you, your work and your team forward. Most managers however, never get the training to develop this skill set. Enter David Rock’s thoughtful book. In Quiet Leadership, Rock breaks down the art of having fruitful, dare I say enjoyable conversations with your team that train them not just to take more initiative at work, but also how to analyze their own thinking in the future to come up with independent creative solutions.

We Are Completely Beside Ourselves – Karen Joy Fowler – The NYTimes Book Review make the crucial point that when you are reviewing a book that has anything suspenseful or hidden about it – you can’t say too much in the review or you’ll spoil it. I respect and agree with that especially since I read the review and it spoiled a surprise for me. So don’t read any reviews – just read the book for a great, captivating summer read.

Jo Ilfeld, PhD

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