What’s just outside of your comfort zone?

What's Just Outside Your Comfort Zone-

In the US we just celebrated July 4th, Independence Day. I was lucky enough, to travel, as we do most years, to Tahoe to celebrate the 4th with my husband’s family in the fresh mountain air. This year, I resolved to go on the hike I have long worked to avoid.

Each year, my sons and father-in-law, (sometimes with my husband) hike up Shirley Canyon from the base of Squaw Mountain to the top of the tram at High Camp. Each year I beg off the hike to hang out with my younger daughter and other family. This year, I decided it was time to try it.

Of course then my sons decided it was time for them to beg off but my father-in-law gallantly volunteered to do it with me. It was, for me, a steep climb that took almost 4 hours including a relaxing break-time at Shirley Lake.

The views were breathtaking, the weather stayed dry and miraculously my knees and quads continued to power me up the mountain. I’m grateful to my father-in-law for his easy company and do-able pace. Mostly though, I’m pretty darn proud of myself.

I’m not going to write some silly metaphor about climbing the mountain and goals, but it did give me a wake-up call about my own comfort zone.

I like my comfort zone. Probably you like yours too. But breaking out of a rut requires some discomfort. And the amount of discomfort you’re able to handle, likely determines how long it will take you to break free.

But small steps got me all the way up the mountain, and I’m willing to bet that even some small nerve-wracking steps would start to transform some of your current barriers.

Try it out and see!

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