Emotional Intelligence and Your Career


This month’s post is a guest post and infographic by Richard Madison of the Brighton School of Business and Management that I thought you all would enjoy:

What is emotional intelligence? Also called EQ for short, it is a person’s ability to be aware of, to name and to manage their own emotions. It is also the ability to understand the emotions of other people around them. For a person to possess effective EQ, they must also be able to relate to other people in ways that are effective both in their professional and personal lives across a wide spectrum of roles and within many different contexts.

In the workplace, it is often undervalued in hiring, but is incredibly important in career success and further promotions. Why is this the case? For years, a person’s IQ was the standard measure of intelligence, however, EQ is just as important, if not more important. This is because it assists professionals to better manage their levels of stress and encourages co-operation with their peers and wider team members.

Did you know for example that 67% of all competencies that are determined as being absolutely essential for high performance in the work environment are related to EQ? For insights into the fascinating world of emotional intelligence and how it relates to our workplace practices and careers, have a look at this infographic created by the Brighton School of Business and Management.

Jo Ilfeld, PhD

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