Do You Spend Too Much Time On Your Email?

do you spend too much time on email

If you’ve ever cleaned your inbox to “inbox zero” (or close) just to have it fill up again right before your very eyes – you know what I’m talking about – email takes up TOO MUCH TIME!

In my quest to help professionals tame the beast and deal with the constant stress of email, I decided to interview someone whose career is dedicated to making email more manageable.

Click below to listen to our interview and find out
– A 3-step process for managing email
– Why inbox-zero doesn’t really work
– The top tools and apps you need to get off the hamster wheel of email overload.

Enjoy and post below to let me know what YOUR top strategy or tool is for managing email below!

Jo Ilfeld, PhD

An executive leadership coach, Jo helps C-suite leaders, executives, and high-potential managers develop the flexibility, skill, and frame of mind to meet the challenges of the next five, ten, twenty years…. and beyond. She works with individuals, teams and organizations on four core areas of leadership development. Check out Jo's bio page for more information.

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