Does Change Make You Kick and Scream?

For this article by Jo Ilfeld, Executive Leadership Coach on change, the image shows a yellow sign with the words "change ahead".

Does CHANGE make you kick and scream?

This learning snack is inspired by my niece.

I just came back from an amazing family vacation in Chile and it was something that she said while we were traveling that made me reflect on how change is life for most of us. If you trying to motivate your team to enact change, or even if you are trying to make changes on a personal level, my latest learning snack is for you.

Jo Ilfeld, PhD

An executive leadership coach, Jo helps C-suite leaders, executives, and high-potential managers develop the flexibility, skill, and frame of mind to meet the challenges of the next five, ten, twenty years…. and beyond. She works with individuals, teams and organizations on four core areas of leadership development. Check out Jo's bio page for more information.

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