When Is a Hell Yes Not a Good Thing?

Jo Ilfeld |Executive Leadership Coach|When Is a Hell Yes Not a Good Thing?

We often hear that if it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a no. I share a different opinion. I say: maybe it’s time to think again before proceeding. Why? Because oftentimes these hell yesses that our first instincts jump at, don’t line up with our values or what we really want more of for…

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Giving Feedback: What I learned from puppy training

Jo Ilfeld |Executive Leadership Coach|Giving Feedback: What I learned from puppy training

I have learned that when training a puppy, it is so important to give feedback at the exact moment they do something. Why do I bring this up? Because when we are working remotely as so many of us are right now, there is an absence of immediate feedback. By the time people get feedback…

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How Not to Start off Your New Year

Jo Ilfeld |Executive Leadership Coach|How not to start off your New Year

It’s Saturday morning January 2nd. I often hike with one of my best friends on Saturdays. During Covid, we began embarking on weekly longer up and downhill 6-mile hikes.  Jo: It’s raining here in Berkeley. Is it raining by you? Sara: I’ll check. Just looks foggy here, no rain. Jo: So should we go today?…

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Zoom Fatigue is Real

Jo Ilfeld |Executive Leadership Coach| Zoom Fatigue is Real

Zoom fatigue is real. Last week I was talking with a group of biotech CEOs. One of the topics that came up for discussion was if they required people to keep their camera on for Zoom or Webex calls. Many said yes. I disagreed with them. Watch to see what advice I gave this team…

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It’s All About Perspective

Jo Ilfeld |Executive Leadership Coach| It's All About Perspective

Recently, I was talking with one of my clients and she asked me an amazing question. We were talking about her relationship with her boss and she asked me, “If you were coaching my boss, what would you advise her to do?” I love this question because what my client was doing was acknowledging that…

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Are You Wishing Things Were Different?

Jo Ilfeld |Executive Leadership Coach| Are You Wishing Things are Different?

I’ve been reflecting recently on the nature of disappointment. The holidays this year fall into this category. . . unless you’re lucky enough to live nearby to a pod with your family, the chances are great that your holiday table looks very different from last year’s. Less family or more Zoom computers? It seems wherever you’re…

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Are You Paying Attention to the Other Stakeholders?

Jo Ilfeld |Executive Leadership Coach| Are You Paying Attention to the Other Stakeholders?

Have you ever been driving down the freeway and someone cut right in front of you and you thought, “Oh my God, did they even see me? Do they even realize that I’m here?” When we first start to learn to drive, our main focus is on not hitting anybody or anything. But once you…

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Giving Thanks This Holiday: Reverse Gratitude

Jo Ilfeld |Executive Leadership Coach| Giving Thanks This Holiday: Reverse Gratitude

For all those thinking about how this holiday is different and all the things that you won’t be able to do, you are not alone. When it comes to gratitude, the usual way is to make a list of all the things we are thankful for, which I imagine for many, has health at the…

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What Makes You a Bada$$?

Jo Ilfeld |Executive Leadership Coach| What Makes You a Bada$$?

What makes you a bada$$? As part of an online program I am doing, the challenge was for me to record a video on what makes me a badass. As I was making a list of the things I am most proud of, at first I thought my bada$$ characteristic was persistency, for being able…

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