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Emotions At Work: Needless Or Necessary?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | June 7, 2016

Last weekend I sat on the sidelines as my 14-year-old son played a local tennis tournament. I often compare the court side behavior of these young men.

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Do You Ever Feel Culturally Outdated?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | November 12, 2015

Do You Ever Feel Culturally Outdated? I do! I recently went back home in Chicago at the same time as one of my oldest friends. We met for breakfast and as I was modifying my order, I made a joke to the waitress (who was definitely younger than me) that I was just like Sally.

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how honest should you be at work

How Honest Should You Be at Work?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | November 5, 2015

Recently, on a trip home, I found a newly framed note in my Dad’s study. It read: Art, I know it was apparent I didn’t like hearing it, but I needed to. Thanks for saying it. When I asked him about it – he told me this story from 35 years ago in his career.

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A 3-Step Process To Go From Meeting Fatigue to Meeting Magic

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | July 30, 2015

I work with a lot of highly analytical and smart people. (If you’re one of my past or present clients reading this – yes I mean you!) And one of their big frustrations is meetings!

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Learning Leadership From Birthday And the Super Bowl

How Birthdays And The Super Bowl Can Teach Leadership

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | February 1, 2015

It’s Super Bowl Sunday today and the game is over. The victory parties might still be raging on but my kids are tucked into bed. Today was also my daughter’s 7th birthday. I realized today that Super Bowls celebrations, like birthdays can shed some great insights into building great teams at work. 1) Rituals Matter – For…

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do you mean it when you say i'm sorry

Do you mean it when you say “I’m sorry!”?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | October 13, 2014

I’m finding myself reflecting on the changes inherent in autumn – what is growing, and what is ending. And this makes me think about how you can help those around you during times of transition and change.

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Business Communication Skills: How to Build this Effective Tool in Your Leadership Arsenal

Business Communication Skills: How to Build this Effective Tool in Your Leadership Arsenal

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | September 24, 2014

Business communication skills (or the lack of them, thereof) can either make or break a leader. Great leaders are often singled out for their powerful communication skills.

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