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is marketing a ploy?

Is Marketing a Ploy?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | April 4, 2013

No matter what issue in their lives or business have brought clients to my door, at some point the conversation always turned to their marketing plan (or lack thereof). Of course this is normal: if you have a business, you’re going to need to do marketing. It’s up to you to figure out how to…

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My Top 5 Take Aways from Wisdom 2.0

My Top 5 Take Aways from Wisdom 2.0

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | March 20, 2013

Wisdom 2.0 is where the High-Tech world of Silicon Valley meets the Low-Tech world of mindfulness, meditation and self-awareness. For me it is the perfect blend that inspires my coaching; essentially how you survive in the business without losing yourself in it.

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Calling All Entrepreneurs: Help Wanted? The Ultimate Guide for Solopreneurs to Knowing When, How and Who to Hire

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | February 21, 2013

This month I interviewed my awesome friend Natasha Vorompiova of SystemsRock  about what entrepreneurs really need to know about when to get good help and where to find it.

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Everything I know about Business I Learned from Disneyland

Everything I Know About Business I Learned from Disneyland

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | February 7, 2013

Some women marry into a family of sailors or charade-players. I instead married into a family of Disneyland aficionados. On our most recent trip to the happiest place on earth, I couldn’t help but notice how skillfully Disney creates a complete family experience.

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What Kind of Leader Are You?

By Jo Ilfeld, PhD | January 31, 2013

I recently discovered a well-established leadership theory (Rooke and Torbert, HBR April, 2005) that divides individuals into 7 types of leaders. The theory, as it reads, conceives these 7 leadership types as different developmental levels that people evolve through on their leadership path.

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