As a speaker, Jo Ilfeld, Ph.D. has a message for corporate audiences:

Success used to be about your own hard work -- but now, it’s all about knowing how to connect, inspire and move other people.

Jo is an expert on the topics of Leadership Development, Team Building, and Business Communication.

Even though her popular talks are based on the latest discoveries in neuroscience, effective collaboration, and high performance teamwork, Jo captivates audiences with her stories, approachability and humor. Your audience will be engaged, inspired and energized by what they learn!

Jo is available for onsite or offsite company workshops for departments, organizations, and leadership teams; lunch and learns, long-term leadership coaching groups, and leadership conferences. Topics can be adapted to fit your program, and customized for the specific needs or issues of your organization.


Highlighted topics include:

3 Essential Skills Every Leader Needs to Create a High-Performing Team, Stand Out, and Advance in their Field

There’s one skill that gets talked about in corporate circles more than anything else. A skill that separates individual contributors from the influencers and impact players. A skill that sets top performers apart from the pack. And that skill is leadership. But the truth is, there’s no such thing as leadership – it’s actually a collection of skills, relationships, and abilities a person needs to rise up the ranks in their organization. There’s just one is a catch. A person working alone–even if they work hard–is not a leader. Leaders rise to the top because they know how to confidently and effectively influence other people -- whether they are your direct reports, collaborators, or bosses. The good news is, this can be learned.

What you'll learn in this presentation:

favicon-2The simple key to quickly build a cohesive team that produces stellar results

favicon-2The most common communication mistake that managers make – and what to do instead

favicon-2How to achieve the outcome you want at ANY meeting

favicon-2Two keys to develop your personal power and influence at work

Fast-Track Your Career Advancement & Leadership Growth: How to Not Let Your Fear Of Failure Hold You Back - Starting Today

You’re ready to take on new workplace challenges, but you may be focused on the wrong things. It’s easy to find yourself stuck in a cycle of taking small risks, reaping little rewards, and then blaming yourself for not achieving your goals. To be a recognized leader in the workplace, you must develop successful decision-making and planning strategies. In this presentation, you’ll discover the habits and perspectives that are holding you back from leadership success. You’ll come away with breakthrough insights and practical actions you can use immediately to develop the confident, effective leadership that your team needs.

In this presentation we'll explore:

favicon-2The REAL reason most professionals fail to attain the business success they desire
favicon-2How to focus on the ‘right’ work opportunities

favicon-2The #1 mistake you're making when it comes to addressing new professional challenges (and the easy fix to avoid it)

favicon-23 things you MUST know to successfully lead others

favicon-2The secret you need to take bold action and create workplace wins

Your audience will love Jo Ilfeld…


“Jo conducted an excellent training and team building day-long workshop for my full leadership team… My team said that it was the most helpful workshop they've had and we are already putting her strategies into action to make tough decisions and accelerate our product launch. Thank you again Jo!”

- Michal Wroczynski, CEO and Founder, Fido Labs


"In my current position as Director of Career Services and Alumni Advising for the Office of Career Strategy at Yale University, I selected Jo to lead a presentation as part of Yale’s Career Management Webinar Series for Alumni. The positive feedback I have received after her presentation was phenomenal. Her expertise on the subject matter is outstanding. It was terrific to work with Jo. She exceeded expectations, went above what she was asked to do while maintaining remarkably high standards. In addition, Jo is now serving as an external career coach for Yale University’s Office of Career Strategy."

- Elayne Mazzarella, Director of Career Services and Alumni Advising, Yale University

“The audience was eagerly engaged throughout the workshop - a large group of participants surrounded her after she spoke, and attendees sought her out throughout the day. Attendees rated her workshop 9.7/10! We definitely want to bring Jo back to speak at our next event.”

- Johanna Wise, Founder, Refresh Your Career: Connect•Work•Thrive Conferences

“Jo is an engaging and insightful presenter who delivers innovative material and connects well with her audience.  Not only did we have strong interest and registration numbers, but high attention through the presentation. Jo's presentation pacing translates well and people responded positively with insights and questions. Thank you Jo!.”

– Rebecca Ricksen, Associate Director, Alumni Career Programs at Haas School of Business

Are you ready for an insightful, high-energy learning experience and dramatic leadership results?

Contact Jo online or call (510) 40-COACH and book your next talk or workshop today!

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