Great leaders don't do all the work but they've done the work of learning to lead

Clients call on us when:

 favicon-2A senior leader is preparing to launch a major change initiative in the next 3-6 months and wants to ensure key internal & external stakeholders are aligned and on-board
favicon-2 A revenue critical initiative has stalled – or gone off the rails
favicon-2 Executive team conflict is adversely impacting revenue, morale or key relationships
favicon-2 A valued leader has a department or team that isn't meeting expectations
favicon-2 Turnover of essential top-talent (senior leaders, high-potentials or crucial contributors) has reached unacceptable levels
High-potentials need leadership development to be promotable favicon-2


Incite to Leadership works with seasoned executives and rising leaders to master the skills it takes to grow and retain top talent, and inspire outstanding performance in others. Our services include executive leadership coaching and workshops and trainings for teams, departments and organizations. We teach the skills that make the difference between being a successful individual... and being a standout leader.

My work focuses on four main areas:

favicon-2LEADING WITH CLARITY OF VISION – Know the big picture and align your actions with those goals

favicon-2MASTERING THE ART OF RESULTS – Shift how you manage time, tasks, and people for maximum impact

favicon-2DEVELOPING ONE'S INFLUENCE – Cultivate the communication skills and habits which move people to action

favicon-2DEEPENING ONE'S EXECUTIVE PRESENCE – Use your physical presence and confidence to engage and enroll others

Whether your sights are set on developing your people into high-impact leaders or helping your team become more adaptable and collaborative in an increasingly complex marketplace, we'll help you navigate your next steps.

Some organizations Jo has helped:

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