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The Succession Blueprint

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Are there any gaping holes in your organization’s succession plan?

If so, you’re not alone!

Despite substantial investment in “people development” over the last 5 years, a whopping 71% of CEOs currently believe their leaders are NOT ready to lead their organizations into the future. You are running out of runway.

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Here's the Deal...

With increasing workplace uncertainty, finding, hiring, and retaining the right people to fill into your succession blueprint who can effectively navigate continual change is increasingly difficult. Yet the relentless pace of change in virtually every industry continues to accelerate.

According to Mercer’s 2017 study in global trends, 93% of executives are planning a redesign of their organization in the next two years. Whether greater efficiency, increased agility, or cost-reduction is driving this need for change, one thing is clear: cultural realignment starts at the top.

It turns out that effective leadership for the future isn’t just about making better decisions, focusing on results or even assembling an all-star team. Savvy companies and leaders realize there’s a crucial missing link.

During this powerful session, Dr. Jo Ilfeld, CEO of Incite to Leadership, will share 3 crucial shifts C-Suite leaders (and senior executives) must make now to successfully navigate the waves of change that threaten to swamp even the most forward-thinking organizations in the next five years . . . and beyond!

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The Good News?

This new leadership focus doesn’t just develop your C-Suite . . . it changes the culture and develops the leaders below them. So when it’s time for your organization to realign, it can be a smoother, more agile process, as your leaders have developed the flexibility, skill, and frame of mind to make it happen.

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You Will
Walk Away With

  • A Quick, Simple Leadership Focus Shift that can immediately boost innovation, flexibility and resiliency in your most mission/revenue- critical teams
  • The Valuable Team Effectiveness Tool your leaders need to build agile and responsive teams in the face of ever-shifting market demands
  • The Common and Costly Leadership Investment Missteps that can waste up to 90% of your leadership development spend without developing the more creative, process-driven leaders you need to handle the exponentially increasing demands on their time and attention
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