“I’m able to establish connection much more quickly with my team which helps us think more courageously, boldly and take smart risks.”

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“I started coaching with Jo to purposefully design a transition into a career milestone role for me. Having Jo as a dedicated coach that got to know me on a deep level helped me see my broad range of leadership strengths and development opportunities. The coaching transcended all parts of my life, and really caused me to think differently about what I want from my work moving forward, and how I show up as a leader in my everyday life, as well as in the workplace. Jo challenged me to think deeply about where I was finding meaning and impact in my work and what would motivate me, as well as my team, the most moving forward. I worked with Jo to increase my effectiveness and connection with my organization, and my direct team by being more vulnerable as a leader. Since working with her, I’m able to establish connection much more quickly with people on my team which helps us to be a team that’s thinking more courageously and boldly and taking smart risks.”

Senior Marketing Leader

Fortune 500 Consumer Packaged Goods