“It’s allowed me to change from a very judgmental mindset to more curiosity and I’ve felt like a better person.”

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“When I joined a startup, it was a lot of pressure. I was really stressed out and I felt like I was responding to a lot of conflicts in nonproductive ways. I was a person who would always see the worst in the environment and the worst in other people; this worrying mindset helped me to solve a lot of technical issues because I always think of what can possibly go wrong and act on how to prevent these issues from happening. But I also didn’t want to be that person, it can be dark place to be. I talked about it very openly with Jo. Jo was determined to understand my unique, personal circumstances, and what it is that I wanted to achieve. She helped me see other people’s perspectives and find unexpected ways to solve problems. With this shift, I started getting much more positive feedback about how I am involved in other projects and I’ve also gotten a promotion and a substantial raise. It’s also allowed me to really change from this very judgmental mindset to more of the curiosity and I’ve felt like a better person. And this has ultimately reduced my stress level.”

Anastasia Sevostiyanova

Principal Scientist, Ancera