“I’m bolder, more confident and having more fun!”

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“I started working with Jo because I knew I wasn’t portraying enough confidence with my co-workers and clients and I wasn’t yet poised to take on the bigger stretch leadership positions that I wanted. Working with Jo has been a fun and liberating experience. I’ve grown a lot personally and professionally through our work together that would not have been possible without her. While working with Jo I was able to see how my holding back and being timid may be limiting me from having the positive impact I would like on others and in the world. My work with Jo gave me the confidence to speak up, even when I’m not comfortable and ask great questions without assuming I should already know the answer. I’ve learned that the benefit of speaking my wisdom is usually greater than the risk or fear I’m feeling around needing to keep quiet. Now I feel bolder, more confident and I’m having more fun!”

Melissa Hitt

Consultant, Freed Associates