“I learned how to express myself in a more influential way in key conversations.”

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“I wanted to move beyond my comfortable technical focus to a business-oriented, strategic awareness and influence. Jo’s experiences developing leadership and communication skills in tech professionals and helping her clients solve well-defined problems resonated with me. She was an attentive listener who gave constructive feedback without being judgmental, a combination that had been hard for me to find. The time I worked with Jo ended up being among the most stressful of my career and family life but, with her guidance, I developed a set of tools to keep myself inspired and energized. I learned how to express myself in a more influential, natural way in key conversations (using a ‘signature voice’) and how to be proactive when working with difficult people. Now when co-workers ask me for my opinion, I can shift from a technical focus to a strategic/future level view in order to optimize the impact for myself and my team. I’m also managing my time better so I can fit more results into the workday. Finally, with Jo’s help, I’ve developed strategies I need to ground myself and calm down so I can think more clearly in ‘hot’ situations and develop more effective responses. Overall I feel more confident and fulfilled and I’m using the techniques I’ve learned with Jo to identify and develop new areas of expertise with my team, which could result in new business directions and new products for my company.”

Grace Credo

Senior Research Scientist at Intel Labs